Non mi dir from Don Giovanni (Tell me not)

I cruel? Ah no, my dearest!

It grieves me much to postpone a bliss we have for long desired...

But what would the world say? Do not tempt the fortitude

of my tender heart, which already pleads your love

Say not, my beloved, that I am cruel to you:

you must know how much I loved you, and you know that I am true.

Calm your torments, if you would not have me die of grief.

One day, perhaps. Heaven again will smile on me.


Meine Liebe ist grun (My Love is Verdant)

My love is verdant as the lilac bush,

and my loved one is beautiful as the sun

which shimmers down on the lilac bush

and fills it with fragrance and with rapture.

after them and a hundred and a

My soul has the wings of the nightingale;

and it sways gently among the blossoming

lilac and rejoices and sings-drunk with the

fragrance- many love-intoxicated songs.

and begin counting backwards!


Die Mainacht (The May Night)

When the silvery moon gleams through

the shrubbery and scatters its slumbering

light over the grass, and the nightingale

warbles, I wonder sadly from bush to bush.

Shrouded by foliage, a pair of doves coos

their enchantment in front of me; but I turn

away- 1 seek darker shadows.

And the solitary tear falls.

When, oh smiling image, which like the

sunrise beams through my soul, shall I find you on earth?

And the solitary tear trembles more hotly down my cheek.

Al amor (To Love)

Give me, Love, kisses without number, many thousands... give me three more!

as the number of hairs on my head, and give me a thousand and a hundred

thousand after that...and after those...

And so that no one feels bad... Let us tear up the tally


Con amores, la mi madre

(With love, my mother)

With love, my mother, With love I fell asleep;

thus asleep, I was dreaming that which my heart was hiding,

that love was consoling me with more good than I deserved.

The aid lulled me to sleep. What love gave me, with love,

put to bed my pain by the faith with which I served you.

With love, my mother, with love I fell asleep.


Adieu (Farewell)

How fast everything dies, the rose

That has opened up,

And the fresh mottled cloaks of The meadows; The long sighs, the

Beloved Women, Who have vanished in smoke!

In this fickle world we see the change,

Faster than that of the shore's waves,

Of our dreams! Faster than that of

Hoarfrost into flowers, Of our hearts!

To you one thought oneself faithful,

Cruel women. But alas! The longest

Love affairs are short! And I say upon leaving your charms

Without tears, Almost at the moment of my avowal,



Notre amour (Our love)

Our love is a light thing like the perfumes that the wind

Takes upon the summits from the fern

So that they can be inhaled while dreaming.

Our love is a charming thing, like the songs of the morning,

In which no sorrow is lamented, in which an uncertain hope vibrates.

Our love is a sacred thing, like the mysteries of the woods,

Where an unknown soul is throbbing where silences have voices.

Our love is an infinite thing. Like the paths of sunsets,

Where the sea, reunited with the skies,

Falls asleep under the suns that lean over

Our love is an eternal thing like everything that a conquering god

Has touched with the fire of his wing like everything that comes from the heart.